Frequently Asked Questions


The Process

Do you have a store that we can visit?

No we do not, but if you would like to see our dresses in person, we welcome you to connect with one of our personal stylists by emailing to arrange an appointment for a home try-on party in Southwestern Ontario. If you are not local to either Kitchener-Waterloo or Southwestern Ontario, not to worry! We specialize in fitting remote bridal parties through our online fitting algorithm. Just use our measurement guide, and our fitting technology will do the rest. 

What if some of my bridesmaids would rather purchase than rent?

Not a problem! We offer the option to either rent or purchase the dress. This allows for a cohesive look while ensuring everyone’s preference is met.

What is the benefit of building a profile?

By inputting your wedding date when building your profile, we can ensure that we have what you’re looking for available for your special day. A personal stylist will be assigned to your bridal party, and will be there to support you through the whole process!

Can I get a fabric swatch?

Absolutely! Email to request your colour swatches, and we’ll get it mailed off to you right away.

How do I return my rental?

On rentals, we cover your return shipping. We include a postage-paid return package with your dresses. All you have to do is pack all the dresses into the return package and drop it off at a FedEx dropbox or location. 

When do I get my rental dress?

Once you've paid for your rental, we will ship your dress(es) two weeks before the wedding date given. Since there are no alterations needed, two weeks is more than enough time before the wedding date. If there are any discrepancies, we will ship you a new dress through overnight shipping. 

What do I do with my dress after the wedding?

Three days after the wedding, put your dress(es) in the mail with the provided postage. The provided postage can be found in the box where you first received your dresses. That's all!

Measurements & Fit

How does the fitting technology work?

Our fitting algorithm is pretty simple! You input your four basic measurements – bust, waist, hip, and height – and we’ll let you know what size will best fit you. The technology goes through past data of comparable measurements and body types in order to come up with your best fit. All of the measurements are also cross-referenced by one of our personal stylists to ensure accuracy!

How do I know that I took my measurements properly?

We’re here to help! We have created a measurement guide for you to reference in order to ensure accuracy. Although all we need is four basic numbers, we recommend that you get someone else (friend or family) to do it for you – this will ensure a more accurate measurement. All measurements are cross-referenced by a personal stylist with your street size in order to ensure that inputted measurements are realistic.

Is there someone that can take my measurements for me?

If you are local to Southwestern Ontario, we are happy to help! Book a home try-on appointment with one of our personal stylists, and we will take your measurements. If not, your local dry cleaner is often able to take measurements for you.

How do I know which styles will look good on my body?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered - we have a dress for every body type! Connect with a personal stylist by emailing and we'll be happy to provide insight & suggestions. 

How does BridesMade ensure a perfect fit?

Our fitting algorithm is magic - it is rarely ever wrong! But, if you do face an issue, we will send an immediate overnight replacement free of charge. We do recommend that you try on your dress as soon as it arrives in order to validate size accuracy.

Can I alter my rental dress?

All dresses are made with Made2Flatter Technology – they’re completely adjustable! With that being said, alterations are not required to make the dress fit the way you want it to. If the dress is returned altered, you will be charged the retail price.

Can I make changes to my measurements once I’ve ordered?

Absolutely! We recognize that change happens, so we are happy to remain flexible. Just send us an email to with your changes, and a personal stylist will be sure to help you out.

One of my bridesmaids became pregnant, now what?

No worries – this is exciting! We are happy to update your order for you. We do recommend our infinity dresses for pregnant bridesmaids, as they are the most comfortable. However, our Josie and Calyssa dresses would also work well due to the empire waist. Just send us an email with the information to, and a personal stylist will help you out.

Can we try on the dresses in person?

We recognize that some people feel more comfortable trying on the dresses in advance. If you are located in Southwestern Ontario, you are welcome to book a home try-on party for $50. If you are located outside of this region, we will soon be offering the option to ship you a dress to try on for $20. Our fitting technology really does work - so don’t fret if you cannot try on the dress beforehand.

How are the dresses adjustable?

All of our dresses offer adjustability through the most common alteration points – the bust, waist, hips, and length. Here’s a quick breakdown as to how some of our Made2Flatter dress work:

A. Infinity dresses

  • Essentially one size fits all! We offer two sizes: Regular (0-14) and Plus (12-24).

B. Ellen and Christina dresses (sweetheart)

  • There are four strands of corset in order to ensure the perfect fit over your bust.
  • Comes with an overlay wrap skirt to accommodate variances in waist, hip and length

C. Josie and Calyssa dresses (full strap)

  • These wrap style dresses offer adjustability anywhere from 4-6 inches through the bust and waist and are available in 4 different lengths.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact a personal stylist at

Are plus sizes available?

Of course! Our Josie, Calyssa, and Infinity dresses go up to size 24 while our Ellen and Christina dresses go up to size 20.


How far in advance should we book?

We suggest that you book as early as possible in order to ensure we have the dresses you would like available. Overall, the sooner you book, the more diverse your dress options are. 

When do we have to pay?

We recommend paying for your dresses as soon as you and your bridal party have made your choice! Your dresses are not secured until they are paid for. Just in case you do change your mind, we do offer full refunds on all dresses until they are shipped – 20 days before your wedding date.

When will the dresses arrive?

All dresses are guaranteed to arrive at least two weeks before your wedding date. This gives you plenty of time to ensure that all the dresses fit properly, and are exactly what you envisioned! 

What if it’s a destination wedding?

Not a problem! Connect with a personal stylist by emailing and we will arrange a timeline to ensure you get your dresses.

My wedding is in less than 3 months, can I place an order?

Absolutely – we’re happy to accommodate those in a pinch. However,  you’ll be limited to inventory that’s available. Email to ensure your chosen style is available for your wedding day.

Can we change our style or colour after we’ve already ordered?

You absolutely can! However, you will be limited to the inventory that’s available on the day that you make the decision to change.


What shipping carrier do you use?

We use FedEx overnight air.

Do we have to pay extra for return shipping?

We cover the return shipping! There is a postage-paid and pre-addressed label included in all packages for you to return the dresses.

How do we know where to return the dresses?

There is an included pre-addressed label in your package! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

What if I need to change my shipping address after I’ve ordered?

No problem! Reach out to with the changes, and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Returns & Refunds

What if I don’t return my dress on time?

Please try your absolute best to drop off the dresses at FedEx within three days of the wedding. After three days, there is a $10/day late fee per dress up until the retail price of the dress. In order to avoid this, we suggest that you have the most organized bridesmaid collect the dresses at the end of the night/morning after to get the job done!

Can I keep my rental dress?

Please send all your rental dresses back! If you love your dress so much that you want to turn it into a purchase, we can send you a brand new one and only charge you the difference. Trust us though, 91% of bridesmaids only wear their dress once.

If we change our mind, can we get a refund?

Absolutely! We offer full refunds on all dress rentals up until 20 days before the wedding.

What happens if I don’t return my dress?

If you don’t return your dress, your card will be charged the retail price.

Dress Care

Can my dress be ironed?

Due to the nature of the material, we strongly suggest steaming as opposed to ironing.

What if the dress is dirty or damaged when it arrives?

Quality is our guarantee. All of our dresses are thoroughly dry cleaned and inspected, and we will not allow something that is not up to our standards to be shipped. We know how important this day is to you. However, if something occurs during the shipping process that damages the dress, we will send you a replacement overnight.

Do I need to clean my dress when I’m done with it?

Nope - leave that to us! Simply drop the dresses in the return package and have them shipped back to us. We will have all the dresses professionally dry cleaned upon return.

What if I damage the dress?

If there is minor wear or tear to the dress, then no problem – we understand you may have partied a little too hard! If the dress is damaged beyond repair, you are then charged the full retail price. Not to worry though, no dresses have yet been damaged beyond repair.