Making the Most of a Wedding Show

Wedding Shows can be a great way to find out about the different vendors in your area. Every show is a little bit different, from the length, to the format, to the types of businesses allowed to show. These shows can be overwhelming to an excited bride, but if you come prepared, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in an afternoon. Here are some of our expert tips on how to make the most out of a Wedding Show.

Do Your Homework

What type of show will it be? Will there be a fashion show? Are there snacks provided? How many vendors will be there, and which lines of business are they in? Is the show a couple hours long, or a couple days? These are some very important answers to know before you head to the show. 

Come Prepared

It's best to bring a notebook, tablet, or to use your phone to take as many notes as possible. Having a notebook or device for anyone that attends with you is also a good idea - you may notice different things or have different experiences you have with the people you meet. It's also a good idea to bring a large bag to hold all the swag you may pick up, and a small bag for business cards, but we'll get to that later.

Pick a Partner In Crime

Wedding shows can be really exciting, but also very overwhelming. If this is your first show, or if you would like to get a lot accomplished during the show, we suggest taking a friend, family member, or fiancé with you for support. Pick someone (or multiple people!) that will help you stay organized, calm, and will help you get your job done.

Pick a Strategy


Do you have a specific type of vendor you want to find, such as a photographer or caterer? Or are you there to just gain some general information? Do you want your partner in crime to be backing you up/taking notes for you, or splitting up to cover more ground? Do you want to be spending all day at the show, or a quick look around? Are you looking to hire someone TODAY, or get all the information to make a decision later? Answering some of these questions before you get to the show can help you have a successful day. 

Take Photos

See an idea you like? Take a photo. See an arrangement of flowers that would be perfect for your boutonnières? Take a photo. Is there a specific hairstyle you see that would go perfectly with your veil? TAKE A PHOTO. There's nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a design or style and not being able to replicate it later. Take a million photos, and pair them with the notes we told you to take ;).  

Use Business Cards

As much as you are looking for vendors, vendors are looking for you! Print off a couple business cards with your Name, Phone Number, Email, and the Date and Location of Your Wedding to give to vendors. Some vendors may also have raffles or other prize based draws at their tables. Who knows - you could win 10% off your floral arrangements!

In addition to taking business cards with you, make sure you also pick up business cards from the vendors you are most interested in, and try to write notes on the back as to why you were first interested in them. Keep these business cards together in a safe place so you can easily access them when you get home.

Keep Your Eyes Open

There's a lot to see at a wedding show! There's nothing worse than speaking to someone else who attended the show, and finding out you missed the acrobats doing stunts on elephants in the back corner.  Keep your eyes open, your head up, and your stress levels down. 

Have Some Fun!

Ultimately, have fun! Don't get too stressed about details. Enjoy your time with your friend, family member, or fiancé. Enjoy some samples, meet new vendors, and allow yourself to get lost in the fantasy.



Do you have any tips for first-timers at a Wedding Show? Let us know in the comments below!