Bridesmade Tietorials!

Hellloooo out there! 

We'd like to officially announce the launch of our BridesMade Tietorials. What is a Tietorial, you may ask? First, to understand the Tietorials you need to be familiar with our line of Infinity Dresses. We carry Infinity Dresses, in both short and long styles, in your dream wedding colour. The infinity dress can be tied in an infinite amount of styles to match the look you want. If you've never worn or styled an Infinity dress before, that's where our Tietorials can come in handy!   Through Instagram and Youtube we will show you, step by step, how to tie the dress of your dreams. The videos on Instagram are the quick, 15 second speed-tie version of the Tietorial, where as the YouTube versions are at a regular speed. One tie a week will be highlighted on Instagram, where as our YouTube collection will grow, well.. as quickly as we can edit the videos :) 

Here is a sample of what you can expect to see on Instagram:

To view more videos on Instagram, follow us , or search #tietorials.  

For a longer, more detailed explanation of how to tie a certain style, check out our YouTube channel.  Here is the same video from above, but in the YouTube style:

Alternatively, you can follow our Pinterest Board to get all of the TieTorials in one place. On Pinterest we also have GIF guides for quick reference.

So there you have it! The low down on BridesMade TieTorials.  

Have a specific style you want us to figure out? Comment below, tag us in a picture, or comment on one of our other TieTorials and we'll figure it out for you!