Snapchat Geofilters For Your Wedding

If you're anything like this girl, you're alllll about those Snapchat Geofilters. One of my favourite things to do when I go to a new city is to see what the filters are for that area. But did you know that you can now create your own?!

How to create Custom SnapChat Geofilters for your Wedding, brought to you by BridesMade dress rentals in Canada.

Starting at $5, you can create GeoFilters that can last between days, and within a range (or "Geofence") of 20,000 to 5,000,000 sqft! Pricing begins at $5, but increases depending on the length and size of the Geofence. For example, setting a ~33,000 sqft Geofence (about 1/4 of a city block) for 24 hours is USD$17.24. Snapchat says it takes about one business day for Geofilters to go through the verification process, but we suggest you submit the filter much earlier, just to be safe.

Step 1 - Upload Asset

To begin, ensure that your snapchat account is verified with your e-mail address. Once you are verified, you can follow this link (Snapchat/On-demand), and click the 'Create Now' button. This will take you to a new page, which will give you a list of Submission Instructions.  As mentioned earlier, Snapchat verifies every Geofilter, so ensure you have followed the rules correctly. If you have Photoshop or/or Illustrator, you can download a template for your Geofilter. Once you have created your Geofilter (within the bounds of the submission constraints), upload it by selecting the 'Choose File' option. 

Step 2 - Choose Dates

The second step is to choose the time and date for your Geofilter. Note that the time is set for a specific time zone. Once you have input the time range that you would like, select "next".


Step 3 - Choose Area

In the top left corner of the map there is a search bar. Input the city or landmark where you would like the Geofilter to appear. Scroll to the area you would like to 'Fence'. Select the "Draw Fence" option, and click on the far edge of the area you would like to 'Fence'. The drawing option will ask you to place points surrounding the perimeter of the area, as opposed to drawing a box. This allows you to create a polygon of only the area you need, diminishing the amount of wasted space. Remember, the bigger the sqft, the more you'll pay. In the top left corner you will see the calculation of the selected area, and the corresponding price. When you've created the appropriate sized fence, select 'Next'. 

Step 4 - Checkout

You will see the outline for your order on the left of the page. Input your choice of payment, read and agree to the Terms & Conditions, and you're all set!


Hope this guide helps you make some amazing Geofilters - we would love to see what you come up with! Send them to us at BridesMadeCA.

Happy Snapping!