The process of getting your BridesMade dresses as told by Bitmoji

Our process at BridesMade is very simple:

1. Create your profile and connect with a personal stylist.

2. Receive your colour swatches.

3. Invite your bridesmaids.

4. Measure and submit - no alterations required.

5. Receive, wear, and return.

But, your process of finding us may be a little different. That is why we have created the process of getting your BridesMade dresses as told by Bitmoji - from the moment of panic when you don't know BridesMade exists, to the moment you use BridesMade and your life becomes a piece of cake.


To begin:

1. You've found your perfect man.


2. He proposes, or in this case you propose because it's #2017.

3. You find your perfect bridal gown that makes you feel like a million bucks.

4. Then, you choose who will be in your bride tribe.

5. Now, you have to get your tribe the best bridesmaid dresses ever.

6. You and your girls start looking into purchasing bridesmaid dresses and realize it is ~a lot~ more than what you thought it'd be.

7. You try to understand why bridesmaid dresses are so expensive and almost give up, thinking you have to pay a ridiculous price for a dress you'll wear ONCE.

7. But, you eventually hear about BridesMade; a company that rents beautiful bridesmaid dresses for a cost effective price.

8. If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, a personal BridesMade stylist will come to your house for an at home try on party - for only $50! You can try on all the dresses you like until you find "the one" for your girls.

9. If you're from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you can hit up Tuxedo Junction in Woodbridge and try on our stock held there.

10. But lastly, if you aren't from either of these areas, we will ship you a try-on box. Once your tribe has tried everything on, all you have to do is pop them back in the mail - shipping is included!

11. When you and your tribe have chosen your dresses, BridesMade will ship them to your door two weeks before the wedding, When the wedding is over, simply put the dresses back in the box, and send them back - shipping and cleaning is on us!

Thanks for reading bride to be, now it's


- Amelia