Prepared Brides vs. Last Minute Brides

Let's be honest with each other, as soon as you read the title you felt either guilty or proud of falling into one of the above categories; prepared or last minute. I felt a little bit proud of my preparedness, but also a little guilty for always being a little micromanage-y. This blog is not to offend anyone for being either too prepared or too last minute, it's more to laugh at ourselves because we cannot control the way we are wired. 

Let's use the classic TV show "Friends" to explain the roller coaster of emotions of a prepared bride and last minute bride.


Prepared Bride emotions explained by Friends

1. You feel like you're always Ross in the episode "The one when no one is ready" because everyone is 3 steps behind you.

2. When the wedding is still months and months away but you're still stressed, trying to convince everyone you're not stressed.

3. When someone is a last minute bride.

4. When you tell people you're going to relax for a bit, but really, you're still wedding planning (secretly).

4. When someone is giving you wedding tips you already know (like months ago) but are trying to be polite.

5. When you rent your bridesmaid dresses from BridesMade three+ months from your wedding and get a unreal discount.

Last Minute Bride emotions explained by Friends

1. When someone tells you "You need to start wedding planning, like now!".

2. When someone tells you planning a wedding takes a lot of time.

3. When you get caught doing fun things rather than wedding planning.

4. When you know you should be wedding planning, but pizza is much more important.

4. When you order your bridesmaid dresses from BridesMade last minute and they can still accommodate you and your bridal party.

5. When you realize you should ACTUALLY start wedding planning and you have no idea where to start

6. But then, you chill back to your normal self


Now remember, no one sort of bride is better than the other. Do your wedding planning as damn well fast or slow as you want, it is your wedding after all - just ensure you're having fun while doing so!

Thanks for reading,

Amelia (an obvious Friends fan)