10 Ways to Host a More Eco-Friendly Wedding

In the spirit of Earth Day this weekend, we have decided to dedicate this weeks blog post to our planet!

As we strive to aid in mitigating textile waste in the wedding/fashion industry, we firmly believe that every day should be Earth Day!

With that being said, here are 10 quick and easy tips to help you host a more eco-friendly wedding:

1. Choose Local Vendors
This is not only a great way to keep transportation emissions low, but it also supports your local economy. 

2. Use Digital Wedding Invitations
Save a couple trees and send out digital wedding invites, RSVP cards, directions, etc. Wedivite or Greenvelope are great tools for this. 

3. Use Recycled Paper
And if you decide to stick to the more traditional route, try your best to use recycled paper whenever possible! Scrap paper can be more fab than you may think - we promise!

4. Pay Extra Attention to Your Registry
Pay attention to the items which you are adding to your registry - look into which materials they are made with, as well as where the materials are sourced.

5. Scout Your Local Thrift Store for Decor
Thrift shops are great for finding vintage decor pieces to spice up your big day! These pieces not only add character, but also eliminate mounds of unneeded production waste. After your wedding day, consider selling/donating your wedding decor to other brides-to-be.

6. Choose In-Season Flowers
Again, this will eliminate the need to ship in flowers and stems which do not grow natively during that specific time of year. Or even better, grow your own flowers and hand-make your bouquets! This is the perfect task to do with your bridesmaids over an evening of wine.

7. Donate Any Leftover Food and Drinks
A simple yet effective way to help fight food waste! Any food and/or drinks that are left over at the end of the night are likely to be happily accepted by local shelters. Get into contact with them at least a week prior to your wedding date to make these arrangements.

8. Give Out Eco-Friendly Favours
This can range from seedlings in biodegradable packaging, to charitable donations in honour of each guest. Let your guests know what you're doing, and that this is something important to you!

9. Only Use LED Lighting
Conduct research to ensure that whoever is in charge of lighting is only using LED lightbulbs. 

10. Rent Your Bridesmaid Dresses
And last - but certainly not least - give your ladies the option to rent their bridesmaid dresses! This option helps prevent unnecessary textile waste, while getting one step closer to living on a sustainable planet.