Partner Profile: Dion Events

Today we are featuring our wonderful co-host, Shani Dion, from Dion Events. Shani will be at our Durham Pop-Up Party, to help answer any questions that attendees may have - while providing her own unique twist of inspiration and tips! Learn more about Shani, and Dion Events here:

Tell us about your business, and what makes you uniquely different?

Dion Events is a wedding, party and event planning company. We specialize in providing weddings for busy people that need help to put it all together. Our job is to make the process easy, fun and stress-free.  Every couple is unique and we help create a wedding that is special and unique to each couple bringing in elements of their lifestyle and personalities.  No wedding is the same. Our passion is providing high quality individualized service to each and every client whether it is for a wedding or other social event or a corporate client.  

How did you get started?

Although Dion Events is still a young company, I have been planning parties and events since my kids were really young. Whether it was school events, hockey events, work events, helping friends and family with parties and weddings, I was always as involved in events as I could be.  I wanted to be a party planner but evenings and weekends were when I wanted to be with my kids – and that is when weddings and parties usually occur.  I worked in the marketing and communications field working with clients developing their in store and promotional strategies for almost 20 years ….and finally saw my window of opportunity to branch out and open my own company.


What’s the most difficult/interesting hurdle you’ve had to come across in helping plan a wedding?

I think every wedding has different challenges and hurdles to overcome. When faced with any challenge I like to be creative and think of quick solutions. You always have to be on your feet and think quickly in this business.  I’ve been lucky so far that I haven’t had had any huge hurdles of any kind – other than trying to keep a couple to stay within their budget.  There is always a solution….just sometimes you need to think a little harder and be open to all of the possibilities. I’ve had to find last minute musicians because a relative cancelled, or sew up a tear in a dress, or put out a small candle fire - but nothing too difficult!

How has this business changed you?

Having my own Event business has been one of the best experiences in my career so far. Not just because it’s my company, but because it’s given me the opportunity to meet and work with so many exceptionally wonderful people - from the vendors, to the clients, and people that I have been meeting through various groups that I now belong to. I have more confidence in myself and what I am able to do, so I am able to approach new people and experiences with a much more open mind.

Who/what inspires you?

I don’t have any one person or one thing that inspires me.  In this business you have to be creative and for me inspiration comes from everywhere.  Meeting other business owners and hearing their stories of success is often very inspiring. As far as being creative, I take in everything I see from magazines, online, and talking to others. I especially like brainstorming with others in the business which often inspires unique opportunities!

What should attendees expect from you at the BridesMade pop-Up Party?

I will be at the show talking to brides and bridesmaids not only about what a wedding planner is, but also to talk to them about their wedding planning. Brides and bridesmaids can come and ask questions about their planning process, and hopefully I can provide some inspiration and a few helpful tips!