Partner Profile: Pop-Up VR

Today we are excited to shine the spotlight on Nathan Miller from Pop-Up VR! Nathan will be at our Durham Pop-Up Party to give attendees a taste of 360 video, and Virtual Reality - I think we are just as excited as you are! Learn more about Nathan and his innovative business here:

Tell us about your business, and what makes you uniquely different?

Pop-Up VR provides 360 videography services. This means we have special equipment that records ALL the way around the camera (above, below, behind) so nothing gets missed.  We then take it to the next level by enabling our clients to experience their memories as Virtual Reality, so it feels like they are inside the story. Basically it’s like taking a time machine back to one of the happiest days of your life, anytime you want.

How did you get started?

With one founder passionate about Virtual Reality and another passionate about events and people, we always knew we would end up working with the public in some capacity. When we started a year ago Virtual Reality was brand new and nobody knew where the market was going to go, so we engaged in months of extensive research and testing, giving thousands of VR demonstrations and interviews until we became the experts in how people interact with the technology and what they want out of it.  This enabled us to design engaging 360 videos and provide the smoothest Virtual Reality demonstrations. While we were still debating on the best market to approach the universe answered the question for us. We started getting enquiries about servicing weddings. We became instant hits at any event we attended and have been growing ever since!

What’s the most difficult/interesting hurdle you’ve had to come across in helping plan a wedding?

There are several problems we have been able to solve for people planning a wedding using 360 Video and Virtual Reality. My favourite is helping to include anybody who can’t make it to the event.  With a 360◦ video anyone who had to miss the special day, or who couldn’t be fit onto the guest list (and kids/grandkids who aren’t born yet) can experience the wedding as though they WERE there. Brides and Grooms have never had a tool to help manage this source of stress and guilt (especially when your Mom is insisting you include your 4th cousin twice removed on the guest-list, and you’re already way over budget). We provide a middle-ground to include everybody in an intimate way, regardless of the circumstances.

How has this business changed you?

Building this company has had a tremendous impact on me. Working closely with clients to help actualise their vision and capture it (in its entirety) has been incredibly rewarding, especially when they tell us what a big hit their wedding video is among all of their friends and family. More fundamentally, I now approach everything as building a process. We test, define the steps, and compare the results of everything we do. We only introduce things to our clients once we’ve built the best-in-class systems that we know we can repeat for consistently impressive results.  This applies to everything from recording in 360◦ video to managing client enquiries. Now it seems to be bleeding over into my personal life; so doing the groceries or chores around the house are approached very differently than they used to be.

Who/what inspires you?

Some of the most inspirational people to me are ones who are able to change the way we look at the world, especially every-day things we don’t often examine. I am a supporter of a community called Radiotopia, which is a podcast collective of some of the most fascinating, perspective changing, story-driven shows in the world, and a perfect example of this.  Changing attitudes and educating people is one of the absolute hardest things to do, and a main challenge we deal with every day at Pop-Up VR. It’s hard explaining a technology with no point of comparison to an industry that has very deep-seated traditions. Radiotopia has built an entire community excited to re-examine their attitudes and outlooks in a positive and constructive way.  At a time when so many people seem insistent on digging in their heels and refusing the listen to alternate points of view, a force that is not only changing that, but doing it in an engaging, collaborative, and interesting way is something to be applauded.  It’s my hope that in some small way we will be able to generate a similar kind of constructive dialogue in our own community.

What should attendees expect from you at the BridesMade Pop-Up Party?

You can expect us to transport you to a completely different place in an amazing and immersive way. We know explaining 360 video and Virtual Reality is like trying to explain what food tastes like – You need to try it first hand to appreciate the incredible impact it has.  That’s why we’ll be setting up our demo stations to show off highlights from some of our favourite weddings so far, and allow everyone to experience this revolutionary technology first-hand! (If you ask really nicely we might even let you go swimming with wild dolphins too).

Okay, how cool is Pop-Up VR? Be sure to register for your tickets, and come meet Nathan and his team on January 28th!