3 Tips for Bridesmaids Who Cry

We're excited to have our first guest blogger at BridesMade! This week's post is coming from Nicole - a Bridesmaid-to-be with a slllliiight crying problem. Read to see how she plans to combat the tears on her best friend's big day!

I am beyond excited; exactly one month from now my best friend gets to marry her best friend. I was so honoured when she asked me to be a bridesmaid. We are the cliché friends that can go weeks or months without talking and then tag each other in a meme and it’s like no time has passed.

It’s safe to say I have gone through most the stages of being a bridesmaid; overjoyed when she asked, all the way to “I’m just not going to count how much money I’ve spent anymore”. As the big day approaches I feel I have a pretty good handle on the basic bridesmaid duties. I have a list of all the mini toiletry products I need to buy, all the hair and makeup appoints are scheduled and of course the dress actually fits; pending I don’t find where my boyfriend hid the peanut butter.

But, I have one major issue that I have no clue how to handle. I am a colossal crier. I’m serious, I don’t think I’ve made it through Titanic once without crying; I’ve seen it probably 30 times and know what is coming, yet I bawl. Rarely can I make it through an episode of Ellen, and just forget any movie where the dog dies. Forget it. So if I can’t make it through random shared Facebook pregnancy announcement, how am I supposed to stand by my best friend’s side and not bawl my face off? And, to make matters worse, she just informed me they have chosen to write their own vows. Game over, I need help.

Naturally I turned to Google, which was zero help. Apparently this is an issue on the internet, but no one has written a “10 ways to not ruin your best friend’s wedding by bawling hysterically”. Thankfully I am a relatively quiet crier, but that doesn’t help me after the wedding when were expected to take pictures. Pictures that are forever. Pictures that I refuse to look like I stuck my face in a beehive. So how am I going to get through this?

Acceptance. I’m going to cry, I know it. However, I am going to be prepared with a few strategies to hopefully keep my emotions in check.

#1 Remember the makeup

I will have just paid 70+ dollars for face paint. Do I really want to destroy that in 15 minutes? No, I will channel my inner-cheapness and focus on not ruining my perfectly contoured face.

#2 Ask for a snippet of the vows

I know my bestie will want to run hers by me, but I plan to ask the groom (at the rehearsal dinner) to give me a little tidbit of his vows so I know what to expect. I know he won’t object, because he’s awesome and won’t want me to ruin the pictures his family is paying thousands of dollars for.

#3 Kleenex

While bridesmaid dress shopping I jokingly requested a dress with an “Angelina Jolie” leg slit. Apparently it was my day, because my dress has a wonderfully high, yet tasteful leg slit. This is where I will stash my Kleenex. I would go the traditional route and stuff tissues in my chest, but my dress fits me perfectly. I’m talking little extra breathing room. I seriously cannot find that peanut butter.

Like I said, this wedding has yet to happen. After the wedding I will make sure to submit an update on how well my tactics actually worked. No matter what happens, I’m going to make sure the bride and groom have the best day possible, and if I’m a total mess they will know it’s because of how much love I have for them. If you have any tricks or tips on how to keep it together through the ceremony submit a comment!

Much love from a fellow Bridesmaid,

- Nicole Powers