The Many Hats of a Bridesmaid

Congratulations! You've been asked to be a bridesmaid! 

You'll likely start day dreaming about the wedding day- getting pampered the night before, having your hair and make up done as if you were a Hollywood starlet, wearing a beautiful dress and taking photos with some of your closest friends, and dancing the night away with an adorable ring bearer. These thoughts are nice to hang onto, but eventually you will need to prepare yourself for what it may ACTUALLY mean. Don't get us wrong, being a bridesmaid will be an absolute blast! Nevertheless, here are some unexpected hats you may be expected to wear when you've been asked to be a bridesmaid. 


The Handbag 

Anyone that's been in a wedding party knows you'll be asked to "just hold this for a sec". In this case, 'a sec' may mean two minutes, until the speeches are finished, or until you get a worried text two days later because the wedding high has subsided, and the bride realizes she does, indeed, need those house keys back. 

The Walking Pharmacy

There are a variety of things the bride may need on the wedding day, and you can win some major Brownie points for having them ready. Lipchap, Tide-To-Go, Hairspray, Pins, Lotion, Advil, Snacks, Tampons (let's hope not), Deodorant, Flats to dance in, and who knows what else! Either plan to bring these things with you, or have an emergency sidekick in place to help you out.

The Jester

If the bride wants to have a choreographed dance at the wedding (see our list of our favourite performances), you best believe you'll be needing your dancing shoes. If you're not the type that likes to perform in public, just remind yourself... it's for the bride... it's for the bride...

The Situation Diffuser  

A whole list of things can and will go wrong on the wedding day. With that many people involved, emotions running high, and champagne flowing, it's inevitable. If the bride, mother of the bride, or other bridesmaids are upset, you're going to have a bad time. Remembering and implementing your best conflict management skills from elementary school will go a loonnnggg way.

The Bookkeeper

Doesn't that gift table look beautiful?! All those shiny packages and plump envelopes always remind me of a 6 year olds birthday. Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows- oh my! At a lot of weddings, it's traditional to have a gift opening the day after the wedding, with a smaller gathering of people. Because of this, the bride and groom don't get to personally thank guests for the gifts they've received. Wouldn't it be a shame if they forgot who gave them that beautifully hand-painted tea set? That's where you come in. Some bridesmaids will opt to take notes on the cards that are usually provided with the gifts. Other, more technologically advanced bridesmaids, will use spreadsheets or apps. Either way, it's generally up to the bridesmaid to figure out and track who gave what, and make sure none of that cold hard cash gets forgotten in an envelope.

The Babysitter 

We've all been there. Had a few too many 'pops', and all of a sudden the floor is your new best friend. It happens, especially with an open bar. Many brides will choose to remain sober (or... soberish...), but in the event that your bride is still a party girl at heart, it may come down to you to make sure she's not ruining her dress, forgetting her shoes, or telling her cranky great uncle what she's always thought of him. Same goes for the other bridesmaids. You're all in this together to make sure you all make it out alive.

The Maid 

This one shouldn't be a surprise as it's literally in your official title. Be prepared to be asked to help tidy the venue, the church, and to help set up the gift opening reception the following day. Bonus points if you start cleaning without even being asked! Just make sure you know what items are to be thrown out, and what items are meant to be kept.


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