Happy Mother's Day!

We would like to wish all of the current or soon-to-be Mothers, Grandmothers, and Step Mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day!

In our own way of celebrating, we have found an amazing throwback picture of my mother from her wedding!

Check out those gowns ;). Very trendy in the 1980s. 

But hey, do you know what's even MORE fun than a throwback? How about a throwback + modern day photoshop! I decided to add myself (2nd left) and my sister (far right) into the picture.

I think I need to seriously consider bringing back that haircut! But... I could do better. I wonder what the party would have been like if my mom hung out at Central Perk...

Hmm... I can do better.

Alright so we've found the line and it's been crossed. But look how much fun Mrs. Chanandler Bong is having!! Regardless...

Happy Mother's Day, mom!

Have any amazing pictures from your mom's wedding? Send them to us customersupport@bridesmade.ca!