Ways You Can Help Others Through Your Wedding

Weddings are a wonderful way for you, your family, and your friends to come together and celebrate a new phase of your life.  It's your day to shine, and to have everything you want. From the flowers, to the music, to the food, your wedding is perfectly you. 

But what if you're a generous, caring, and giving person? How can you help to emulate these character traits at your wedding? We've come up with a couple easy ways to help others during your big day.

Ask For Donations in Lieu of Gifts

One of the simplest ways to show your generosity is to ask your guests to donate to your favourite charity in lieu of gifts. You can do this by directly signing up with the organization of your choice, or informing guests that any money gifted to you and your spouse will be donated to a specific organization, or to the organization of your choice.

Donation Kissing Bin

Who doesn't want to see the happy couple kiss during the reception? Although some may be used to the tradition of clinking knives on glasses to will the couple to kiss, you can also set up a donation bin, and let guests know that any $$ added to the bin will result in a donation to the charity of your choice, as well as kiss 💋 .

Donate Flowers

You likely spent a pretty penny on expertly crafted floral arrangements. After the wedding, do you really want 10,000 Cala Lilies filling your home for the next week? Why not spread the beauty with a local retirement home, senior's centre, or children's hospital. It'd be best to call ahead of time, and ensure that flowers are accepted at the establishment, and letting them know what day they can expect the delivery. It may be one more thing to add to your pre-wedding to-do-list, but could really brighten a stranger's day. 

Sell/Donate Decorations

Because who really needs 22 silver photo frames?! Most of your decorations will likely only be used once, so here's an easy way to recoup some of the costs from your wedding, or to donate to a bride with a small budget. There are FaceBook pages dedicated to wedding resale, all you have to do is look. Here are a few we found:

Hire Local Talent

If you are thinking about having a band at your wedding, why not try and hire local talent? There are hundreds of garage-bands looking to land a gig. By putting a post on your social media you can connect to many friends of friends who have a cousin, who has a friend, who has a sister that is in a band. Or if classical music is what you're looking for, contact youth orchestras or cello/violin/viola teachers in your area to see if they can recommend any string quartets. Just make sure you hear a sample of their sets beforehand, and provide them with an approved list of sheet music.


Did you find another way to help out your community during your wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!