Top Wedding Dances (by Category)

I must say that one of my favourite side effects of the internet has got to be Wedding Dances on YouTube. There's nothing better than a perfectly choreographed number performed by a perfectly dressed wedding party. Thinking about all the time they put into it, and how excited they must have been preparing for it makes it even better. I myself have been part of 2 surprise wedding performances, and am excited to be a part of many to come. Maybe one day I'll make it on to Youtube, but for now, here are our picks for the Top Wedding Dances ever uploaded to Youtube.

Best Tribute Dance: Brothers

It must not have been easy growing up with 7 (SEVEN!!) brothers, but I'd say this special dance made it all worth it. They killed 'Jump on it' AND the single ladies dance.

Best Tribute Dance: Sisters

It takes a few seconds to get started (0:45), but it's definitely worth the wait (or skip). They start with their very best impression of the Von Trapps, add a flip around the middle, and finish with an epic kiss between the bride and the groom. 

Best Tribute Dance: Groomsmen

There was stiff competition within the Best Tribute Dance: Groomsmen category. But i think after you see what happens at 2:50 and 4:58, you'll agree that this is by far, hands down, the best Groomsmen dance on the internet.

Best Tribute Dance: Bridesmaids

Although the guys join in near the end, the ladies kill it in this video. From the 'emotional' start to the hugs at the end, this video joyful all the way through. 

Best First Dance: Mother and Son

This mother son duo deserves to be on our list for many reasons, but really earned itself a win for the power pose at the end (~3:00). They keep their dance short a sweet, with just enough booty poppin'. 

Best First Dance: Father and Daughter

This father can get DOWN on the dance floor. He even does the Stanky Leg! This is definitely a must see, and I hope my dad has started practicing. 

Best First Dance: Bride and Groom

Skip to 1:30 to see an amazing Thriller. These two really went all out, and doesn't their beachy wedding look like it was a great time? 

Best Church Entrance Dance

It should come as no surprise that the JK Wedding Entrance is the top of our list. If you ask me, this is the video that started the trend. Any video that is good enough to be parodied on the Office is good enough for me. With over 92 million views, it really is the best Wedding Entrance video out there. 


Were you part of an epic wedding dance? Add the link to the comment section below so we can see your skills!


Bonus Video:

Because it doesn't fit the 'planned' criteria, we couldn't add it to your list, but thought it needed to be recognized regardless. These two are so cute! Spoiler Alert, there's a face plant within the first 10 seconds .