Wedding Cake Alternatives

It's no secret that the Multi-tiered, White wedding cake topped with a kissing couple and beautifully decorated, hand-made flowers is a wedding staple in our world. The tradition of the wedding cake has a long history, getting its start back in Ancient Rome.

For some, the traditional wedding cake is part of that 'Perfect Wedding' dream. For others, the idea of sticking to tradition is nausea inducing. No matter your stance on the tradition, here are some cute alternatives to that traditional cake. 

The Wedding Cake's Cute Cousins


Coloured Cake

If the traditional vanilla isn't for you, try chocolate, or even carrot! You can always still use a white frosting, or really change it up and try tie-dye! 




The BEST part about choosing cupcakes, is that you can offer a variety of flavours! Cupcakes are ideal for wedding guests planning to dance the night away, treat in hand.


Cake Pops

Although you may have had them at your Bridal Shower, Cake Pops are another great alternative to the traditional cake. Similar to cupcakes, cake pops are great for guests who will be busy on the dance floor!



This one needs no explanation. Cheesecake is obviously the greatest option around, so great that we're confused as to why it hasn't been the traditional choice all along?! (Ok.. so we might love cheesecake...). New York... chocolate... raspberry swirl... BRB. Drooling.



The Designer Doughnut trend has exploded in the last couple years. Similar to the cupcakes, you can offer your guests a wide variety of flavours, with different toppings. Not to mention, they're easy to pack up and take home when the night is over! 


Candy Bar

The Candy Bar is a great alternative to cake. There are even a couple of websites where you can order candy in bulk, in a variety of colours and textures. Smarties, Lollipops, and Gummy Bears - OH MY!



Ah, the age old debate: which is better - cake or pie? Pie's versatility definitely gives it a couple points over cake*. Between pumpkin, buttercream, and pecan, you can surely find a couple pies to satisfy your guests. 

*NOTE the views expressed by this statement do not necessarily reflect the views of BridesMade on the Cake vs. Pie debate.


Dessert Buffet

What better way to make sure every guest will enjoy a sweet treat at the end of your dinner! Go with your favourites, or go with some classics like Brownies, Lemon Bars, Nanaimo Bars, and Blondies. 


Ultimately, it's your wedding, and you deserve to stray from tradition if that's what you so choose. Just make sure you set aside a piece for yourself ;).