Ten Tips For Printing Your Own Wedding Invites

Although we will not claim to know everything about planning a wedding, we are starting to gain more knowledge about certain aspects of the process. As we learn and discover new tips and tricks, we only feel it's right to share them with you! Here are a few tips we've found that may save you a few headaches if you decide to print your own wedding invitations. 

10. Create a Guest List

Before you can create a budget for your wedding, or even pick the venue (which SHOULD be listed on your invite), you will need to know a rough estimate of how many people you will be expecting to attend your event. Remember, you will likely be sending only one invitation for each family/couple, but each individual listed on the invitation will need a spot at the reception.

9. Set a Budget

Before you even look into designing your invitations, know how much you are willing to spend. Know how many invitations you will be sending (which will not necessarily = the number of people invited), and how much additional postage will be needed as well. FIRST determine exactly how much you can spend on each individual invitation (MINUS POSTAGE), THEN start looking at the options that fit your price range. 

8. Select a Style

What better way to show people what type of event you want to hold than by a stylized wedding invitation? Are you wanting to have a country themed wedding? Find country themed invitations! Are you having a destination wedding by the beach? Throw some sand in those invites! Is a Hallowe'en themed wedding all you've ever dreamed of? Add a ghost, pumping, and creepy letter to the invite. Your invites can set the tone for your wedding early on, and show your guests the type of event you wish to have. 

7. Test Your Printer

If you are printing your own invitations at home, make sure you test your design first, ESPECIALLY if you have limited stationary. Ensure the colours are printing the way you had hoped, and that no information is being cut off. While we're on the topic of printers, make sure you have enough ink on hand. If there's one thing my printer is realllllyyy good at, it's running out of ink on the last page of a term paper. 

6. Use a Professional Grade Paper Cutter

After you've put all this effort into creating your invitations, you don't want to ruin it with a frayed or crooked edge. The professional or Guillotine paper cutters can come in reallll handy for creating sharp edges, and are much less tiring! Don't blow your budget by purchasing a guillotine paper cutter - ask around! Your local library, schools, and print shops will likely have one you can use for a small fee or even for free. Everyone is friend's with at least one teacher - right?

5. Include Your Social Media

Are you planning on designating a #HASHTAG for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.? Include it in your invite. Tell people they can follow the wedding progress by following a specific Instagram profile, or upload their own pre-wedding pictures with a specific tag (feel free to tag us too!! ;) ).

4. Ensure Your Address Book is Up To Date

In today's techie world, letters are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Because of this, we don't typically send mail to our family and friends other than during the holidays or for milestone moments. You can likely get addresses for your older relatives through the family network, and can easily text, email, or instant message your friends to collect their addresses. If you know of someone who will be moving during the time you are planning to send the invites, see if there is a mutual friend of family member that you could send their invite to instead. The last thing you want is some random showing up at your wedding while Aunt Ida is sitting at home fuming about being forgotten, all because you sent an invite to the wrong house. Or maybe you do want a mistakenly invited random guest? We're not here to judge. I'm sure there's a funny internet story out there somewhere where this has happened... 

Bonus: Make sure you keep a digital or paper copy of the addresses. It will come in handy when you want to send out thank you cards!

3. Include a Personalized Response

People like to feel that they are involved in your special day. Maybe you want to ask your guests to include the top three songs they want to dance the night away to. Maybe your guests have advice for the soon-to-be-married couple? Or, ask for a funny story about the Bride or Groom. Make collecting the response cards less of a chore, and more of a fun game!

If you are asking for response cards, we recommend you include your return address and a postage paid envelope to make it thaaattt mucchh easier for your guests to mail it back to you. Eliminate the worry of people addressing the envelope the wrong address. 

2. Outline Any Wedding Rules

If you would like your guests to limit their cell phone use, or only wear green, bring their dogs, leave their kids at home, or come dressed as their favourite band from the 1980s, let them know in your invitation! It's your wedding. If you want your guests to show up dressed as their favourite 1990s cartoon, so be it! But, you can't get mad at your guests if you only set these rules a couple days before the wedding. Let them know early, and be clear!


We're bgeging you - plseae PROOFREAD your intviations before you send thme to be pnritned! 

It was a little irritating reading that last sentence, right? Imagine receiving your printed invites, and reading them over with the same irritation. On top of this, you'd have to live with the knowledge that you sent out incorrect invites.. for the rest.. of your... LIFE. **faints**

From incorrect spellings of the names or location (Shawn? Shaun? Sean?), improper dates (is Saturday the 5th or the 6th?), or grammatical errors, there are many small mistakes you could potentially make. Our best advice would be to have someone else double-triple-quadruple check your spelling and grammar before submitting your invites for print.  


Do you have any other tips for our future brides? Let us know in the comment section below!