10 Things To Do the Week Before Your Wedding

It's no secret that your wedding day might be one of the busiest days of your life. Between all of your beauty appointments, the ceremony, the reception, and all the last minute details, it's a miracle you'll even end up finding time to say "I do!" Let us help you out a bit. Here are a few suggestions for things you can do in the days before your wedding, as opposed to the day of.

1. Mani/Pedi

If you're planning on getting a mani/pedi before your big day, schedule your appointment for 2-3 days before the wedding. It may also be a good idea to purchase a bottle of the nail polish you had applied in case you need a quick touch up.

2. Pick Up Your Dress

We suggest picking up your dress a week before the wedding, so you can arrange for any last minute alterations that may be needed. Make sure you have a safe place to hide it so no one gets an accidental sneak peek!

3. Schedule the Wedding Day

Although you likely have all of your appointments already made well before the week of your wedding, we suggest you create a schedule for the entire day of your wedding. Designate someone (looking at you, MOH) to ensure you are staying on track. 

4. Confirm All Of Your Appointments

Hair, Make up, and photographers - oh my! Confirming your appointments and vendors (flowers, caterers, etc.) will help keep your mind at ease, and will help eliminate the possibility of a mix-up! Ensure all your vendors have the correct information about delivery time and location. 

5. Arrange For Snacks

We hear it all the time from our brides. With all the planning that goes into the wedding, everyone seems to forget the MOST IMPORTANT detail of the day (well, at least to me...). If you will be having early morning hair and make up appointments, pre-arrange for snacks to be delivered to you and your bridesmaids while you get all dolled up. The last thing you want is a tummy grumble interrupting your vows! 

6. Prepare Your Thank You Cards

If you are planning on sending hand-written or even typed thank you cards to all you guests, it's never too early to start addressing envelopes! If you are having a gift opening ceremony, create a system to keep track of who gave what so that you can have the details ready when you are writing your TYCs.

7. Create an Emergency Kit

Gather bandaids, Ibuprofen, a sewing kit, make up remover, a stain remover pen, safety pins, a list of all your vendors and their contact numbers, hair spray, bobby pins, and anything else you may need.

8. Break In Your Shoes

Do not let your wedding day be the first day you wear your shoes, or those puppies will be coming off before you hit the dance floor! Walk around in your shoes a couple times before the big day. One tip we've heard - Vacuuming is a wonderful way to get used to new kicks! 

9. Finalize Your Vows

If you are planning on writing your own vows, get as close to a final copy as you can in the week leading up to the wedding. You likely won't have that 30 minute break before the ceremony to make last minute adjustments. Also, if you are not overly comfortable with public speaking, make sure you practice saying your vows out loud. Same goes for any toasts you may have to give.

10. Pack an Overnight Bag

Pre-pack your bag for your hotel stay after the wedding is done! Don't forget a tooth brush, make-up remover, and some footy pyjamas ;). 


Do you have any tips for our Brides-to-be? Comment below, or email us at customerservice@bridesmade.ca.