7 Wedding Trends For Your Fall Wedding

Fall weddings occur during a small window between September and November. They offer the opportunity for a magical and romantic night filled with delicious food, beautiful decor, rich colours and beautiful photos to remember the perfect night.

With fall quickly approaching (sorry Summer lovers!), here are a few trends we see for those upcoming Fall weddings. 

1. Lots of Leaves

Putting leaves in your wedding bouquet not only fits the season, it is actually a cheaper alternative. Having more leafy items usually results in a less expensive bouquet price compared to more flowers. So, throw as much leafy items as you can in your bouquet - it looks beautiful as proven by the photo below!

source: bridalmusings.com

source: bridalmusings.com

2. Long Sleeve Dresses

We are obsessed with this wedding gown trend at BridesMade. Long sleeve dresses are the returning trend. This style of dress is elegant while allowing you to still have whatever style bodice and train you would like. 

source: AlexVeil.ru/en/

source: AlexVeil.ru/en/

3. Leafy-Coloured Dresses

For Fall wedding colour schemes always stick to the colours of Fall leaves and you can't go wrong. Bring in different shades of greens, reds, and dark neutrals to achieve that perfect fall look. BridesMade offers the most beautiful Fall colours for bridesmaid dresses.

4. Apple Cider Drink

Apple cider is a delicious seasonal drink you should definitely take advantage of! We have chosen our favouite apple cider alcoholic drink recipe to share with you; Spiked Apple Cider from ayearofcocktails.com

To make 1 drink, you will need

  • 6 oz of warmed apple cider
  • 1 oz of vanilla vodka
  • 1 oz of butterscotch schnapps


Using a heat safe cup, pour in the apple cider. If the cider is cold, microwave it for approximately 30 seconds. Mix in both alcohols and stir. Now, add some apple slices or cinnamon sticks as garnish. Voila!

credit: wholefoodbellies.com

credit: wholefoodbellies.com

5. Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick is a fad that started a few years back but has held it's spot in the makeup world -- and we think its beautiful! Fall weddings call for darker accents of colour compared to the Spring. Dark reds are a super prominent colour used for Fall weddings along with tints of a lighter red or black. 

credit: nicetip4u.info

credit: nicetip4u.info

6. Pumpkin Accents

Including pumpkins in your wedding decor is a great way to hold the Fall wedding feeling, specifically if your wedding is in October. Pumpkins are very seasonal and offer adorable cost-friendly decor. You can use them as centerpieces, wedding favours, candle holders, random decor and so much more!

course: elegantweddinginvites.com

course: elegantweddinginvites.com

7. Leaf-filled photo-shoots

Getting married in the Fall means you have the best photo opportunities ever! Rather than having to worry about bringing props for the photos, you have nature. Falling, colourful leaves offer a beautiful and dramatic background for photos. 

credit: cuteweddingideas.com

credit: cuteweddingideas.com

There you have it, 7 of the best trends for your Fall wedding!

Thanks for reading and happy planning,


8 Ways to Save Money: Honeymoon Edition

Paying for a honeymoon can be a very expensive addition to all your other wedding festivities; bridal showers, bro-dal showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, engagement parties, and most importantly, the wedding. We want to ensure when you plan for your honeymoon, it is a lot more fun than it is stressful. That is why we have written a blog giving you 8 Ways to Save Money: Honeymoon Edition!

credit: weddingbells.ca

credit: weddingbells.ca

1. Set Priorities

Have a sit down conversation with your S.O. about the location(s) you two want to travel for your honeymoon. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Once you have reached a collective decision, start listing out the different activities or excursions you want to do. Take a look at your honeymoon budget and set priorities of what activities are the most important to either or both of you. This way you can allocate your money appropriately. 

2. Create a HoneyFund

A HoneyFund is essentially a registry but just for fundraising for your honeymoon. Skip the silverware and appliances for your registry and get cash towards your honeymoon. This option is especially beneficial for couples who may already live together and/or have all the household items they need! It is also a more comfortable way to ask relatives and friends for mullah.

3. Go All-Inclusive

Going all inclusive, whether it be a resort or a cruise, is the easiest way to stay on budget. All inclusive vacations include your transportation, accommodations, food, drink, and sometimes excursions. Therefore, you pay a one time fee for the two of you and everything is taken care of; no additional costs. One thing we do suggest is allocating 90% of your honeymoon budget towards the all inclusive vacations and allocating 10% of the budget for items like souvenirs or excursions that aren't included in your package.


4. Travel during Off-Season

Traveling during off-season for a specific location can result in almost half off what you would pay during high season. For example, going on vacation to Cuba during peak times like Spring Break or Christmas Break may result in higher transportation or accommodation prices. Not to mention crowded beaches. However, traveling to Cuba during the Summer is much cheaper due to lower demand! 

5. Clear your Cookies

Travel companies, including Airlines, are all about consumer demands. Prices may fluctuate several times a day based on when the company knows people will be online. In addition, they are able to see how many site visits are made to their site and use that to their consumer demand advantage. The best suggestion is to clear your cookies and search history post honeymoon travel search. Allow the company to fluctuate prices back down and go back online during low peak times, like mid-afternoon.

6. Use Resources

Resources such as credit cards or memberships are more beneficial then we realize. Some credit cards collect points that can be used towards expedia.ca or other companies to save money on travel. In addition, some cards give travel insurance or car insurance, resulting in another cost that is covered! Memberships, such as CAA, also give discounted attraction tickets, free maps, and travel insurance. Be sure to look at all the memberships or credit cards you have and see what benefits they can bring to your trip!

7. Wed Wisely

No, we do not mean rethink your groom choice! We mean wed on a budget. Do not spend the extra $5000 on a carriage ride to and from the wedding if you feel as though that money would be allocated better to your honeymoon. Ensure you have your honeymoon budget in mind while making the overall wedding budget. 

8. Mention you're Newlyweds on a Honeymoon

Yes, this is a time to brag about your love! Some resorts or cruises may give you some sort of newlywed benefits. This may include a discounted price, a free upgrade, or free items! This may not be the case for all locations, but hey, you're going to brag about your love anyway, might as well reap a few benefits!

source: buzzfeed.com

source: buzzfeed.com

There you have it - 8 ways to save money: honeymoon edition!

Thanks for reading,


Must-have apps for your wedding!

Organizing and implementing a wedding is a TON of hard work. With planning comes a lot of small and large tasks that arise daily, and they are all very important for the flow of the big day!

Although we sometimes curse the ever changing technological world, we have to give it props sometimes. It has brought about millions of phone apps that will make a brides life much easier to manage!

So, here it is! The top 7 apps you must have for your wedding.

1.  Uploading Photos

When your wedding day comes along you will see tons of people taking photos - whether they be of you, your S.O. or some of the bridal party. But, will you ever see those photos!? Most likely not unless you plan on reaching out to every guest who attends your wedding. WeddingPartyApp is an application that guests can download, go to your specific wedding page, then immediately upload their photos onto the app. Once the photos are uploaded, they become private to you and the guests.



2. Floor Plan Management

Creating a floor plan/seating plan is like playing jigsaw - trying to place everyone in the right place. You can absolutely make your floor plan the traditional way, with pen and paper, OR you could download allseated. AllSeated is an app tool that allows you to create your floor plan, input your guest list, and move all your guests around on the floor plan to find them the perfect seat. To ensure you like the setup when your done, you can even view your space in 3D.



3. Wedding Style Help

Pinterest is amazing for wedding inspiration help, but you can't see the different locations the dress you love is held with the click of a button. Wedding LookBook by The Knot is an application that shows you thousands of wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, engagement rings, and other wedding accessories. The one difference this app has from Pinterest, is that if you find an item you like, you can see where the item is available! You can either purchase it immediately, or book an appointment at the bridal boutique with the click of a button. 



4. Your Perfect Hairstyle

Scrolling through Pinterest I'm sure you see thousands of beautiful hairstyles you would love to wear on your wedding day. Having to choose between them is a nerve wracking process - I mean, it's the hairdo you are going to wear on your WEDDING day. What if you choose something you love on paper, but once its done, you don't like it!? Your Perfect Hairstyle is an app that allows you to try on hundreds of hairstyles in various lengths, and in various colours. All you have to do is upload a selfie, then play around with all the styles!



5. Colour Coordination

Choosing colours that coordinate well is a gift given to some ladies, but lacking in others (#guiltyascharged). Check out Pantone for all your colour scheme needs. This app allows you to apply, build, or create palettes to test on actual 3D items. In addition, it shows you colours that harmonize well together to ensure your colour scheme is well executed.



6. Task List & Budgeting 

Wedding planning, as mentioned earlier, consists of many tasks; small and big. Sometimes, trying to remember every task is nearly impossible to do. Wedding Planning Complete is an app that not only keeps track of all your wedding tasks, but also has a budget tracker to ensure you stay within your budget guidelines. In addition, you the app has a guest list tool complete with an RSVP tracker, and allows you to share all this information with your bridal party who downloads this app. Added bonus: when you open the app, it has a countdown until your wedding!

7. #Genius

This last item is not an application to download, but is a simple website. Wedding Wire created a hashtag generator, where you can simply input some generic information about you and your future husband and it automatically spews different hashtags to use for your wedding. Using a hashtag on a wedding is another item that is fun for guests to use, but also allows you to see some photos you might not have seen otherwise. 

Some examples of my hashtags were: #Alwaysand4everTatum #ItsTatumTime #TatumSquared #AmeliaandChanningTieTheKnot

And the answer is yes, I input Channing Tatum's name as my fiance's name... a girl can dream. 




Happy wedding planning,


The process of getting your BridesMade dresses as told by Bitmoji

Our process at BridesMade is very simple:

1. Create your profile and connect with a personal stylist.

2. Receive your colour swatches.

3. Invite your bridesmaids.

4. Measure and submit - no alterations required.

5. Receive, wear, and return.

But, your process of finding us may be a little different. That is why we have created the process of getting your BridesMade dresses as told by Bitmoji - from the moment of panic when you don't know BridesMade exists, to the moment you use BridesMade and your life becomes a piece of cake.


To begin:

1. You've found your perfect man.


2. He proposes, or in this case you propose because it's #2017.

3. You find your perfect bridal gown that makes you feel like a million bucks.

4. Then, you choose who will be in your bride tribe.

5. Now, you have to get your tribe the best bridesmaid dresses ever.

6. You and your girls start looking into purchasing bridesmaid dresses and realize it is ~a lot~ more than what you thought it'd be.

7. You try to understand why bridesmaid dresses are so expensive and almost give up, thinking you have to pay a ridiculous price for a dress you'll wear ONCE.

7. But, you eventually hear about BridesMade; a company that rents beautiful bridesmaid dresses for a cost effective price.

8. If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, a personal BridesMade stylist will come to your house for an at home try on party - for only $50! You can try on all the dresses you like until you find "the one" for your girls.

9. If you're from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you can hit up Tuxedo Junction in Woodbridge and try on our stock held there.

10. But lastly, if you aren't from either of these areas, we will ship you a try-on box. Once your tribe has tried everything on, all you have to do is pop them back in the mail - shipping is included!

11. When you and your tribe have chosen your dresses, BridesMade will ship them to your door two weeks before the wedding, When the wedding is over, simply put the dresses back in the box, and send them back - shipping and cleaning is on us!

Thanks for reading bride to be, now it's


- Amelia