How To Manage A Remote Bridal Party

Getting all your bridesmaids together 50 years ago was easy, as you probably all lived in the same geological area. But now, your bestfriend may live across the country, or even the world. We can blame/thank technology for all of the innovations. 

If you and your whole bride tribe live in the same area, you're very lucky. Most parties now involve at least one chicka who's hours upon hours of driving (or even a plane ride) away.

Below, we have written some tips and tricks on how to manage your remote bridal party to keep you ~somewhat~ sane.

1. Be understanding

We know this sounds cliche, but the earlier you accept she's not going to be around as much as you hope, the less stressed or annoyed you will be. Put into perspective the cost and time it takes her to get to you, and all the extra effort she's putting in. Be open to compromise.

2. Skype it up

Get all your bridesmaids to make skype accounts and have a weekly meeting. It may be hard at first to organize a time and date that works for everyone, but once you have it set - make it a weekly reoccurring chat. This way your remote bridesmaids are in the loop and can assist in anyway possible.

3. Use their talents

Take advantage of your bridesmaid who is 650 miles away, but is an awesome graphic designer. She can come up with your invites or any custom stationary. Find a talent your remote bridesmaid has and allocate some tasks her way that she can do even though she is far away. Hey, at the very least, she might be able to find those last 20 mason jars after you've bought everysingleone in your city.

4. Get your bride tribe to become #MadeMaids

BridesMade is super beneficial for remote bridesmaids. You simply rent your bridesmaid dresses completely online and they are guaranteed to fit when you receive them. If you do want to try them on before hand, you can order a try-on box which we will ship directly to you. You can have it for a few days to see how you like the dress. Check out our process here.

5. Pinterest everything

Let's be real here, almost every bride has their dream wedding pasted all over their Pinterest. Ensure your boards are public and share them with your girls. This way, they understand what your vision is for the wedding. Here, you can also post pictures to chat to your bridesmaids about. This way, rather than trying to explain something over the phone, they can simply take a look.

There you have it, 5 tips and tricks to manage your remote bridal party. Long distance bridesmaid-ing can be difficult, but you wouldn't want anyone else standing beside you on the big day. 

Thanks for reading,




Unconventional Engagement "Rings"

Over the past few years we have seen people break tradition when it comes to proposals. Whether it be they don't like to wear a ring, they can't wear a ring for work, or simply don't like the idea of a ring, many couples are opting to choose a different symbol for their commitment. For example, a bridal stylist at BridesMade knows someone who proposed to their significant other with a bike! Yes, a bike. There was a story behind the "ring" being a bike, but regardless, she said "yes!" 

A slight word of caution before I continue: some woman may really want the ring as the proposal, so be sure if you are going through with an alternative, that you think she will be just as or more happy with the alternative you are offering.

Below are six alternatives to an engagement ring.

1. Adventure

A great way to propose to an adventure junky is to have a trip booked for the two of you, and to propose with a trinket significant to that destination when you are there. For example, to propose with a "love lock" from the famous bridge in Paris where couples lock locks together which symbolizes forever spent together.

2. Tattoos

This alternative is perfect for the couple who doesn't want to wear an engagement ring. Of course, the tattoo of a ring or symbol on the left hand fourth finger in is the most common marriage tattoo. But, why stop there? If you and your S.O. have a significant tattoo you want to get together, do that instead.

3. Down Payment

Sometimes people would rather spend money on a house than a rock and that's A-okay! Spend the money you would use towards a diamond ring towards a down payment of the house you two are going to share and grow old together in. It is an obvious testament to your lasting love.

4.  Pet

The fourth, and our favourite, alternative to an engagement ring is a pet. Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, or amphibian of sorts it is sure to pull on your S.O's heart strings. Proposing with an animal shows commitment to each other and confidence in raising a "fur baby" together. Agreeing to have an animal together is a huge step in any relationship, so by asking to get married with a new pet in hand, your significant other will see how serious you are.

5. A personal memento 

This alternative is not us actually telling you an item to give, it's more for you to think. Proposing with something that has significance to the two of you is the most personal and loving proposal. Use something that is sappy, like that ticket stub you saved from your first date 3 years ago, or an item from the store when you two first spotted each other. Either way, this personal memento will symbolize all the times you two had together, and for the eternity to come.

6. Alternative Jewelry 

Sometimes the receiver of the proposal does want jewelry, but rings either aren't their style or she knows she will lose it within the first 24 hours of having it. Look into alternative jewelry ideas, such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Whether it be having a solitaire diamond hanging from a beautiful necklace, or a simple bracelet with your name on it, we're confident you know what your significant other will love.


There you have it, 6 unconventional engagement "rings".

Happy wedding proposing,


Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration

Being an eco-friendly person means sometimes having a few more obstacles to getting what you want. You are trying to be cautious of the environment, while also executing your dream wedding.

If you haven't already, check out our blog post on "10 Ways to Host a More Eco-Friendly Wedding"

Although the blog is full of amazing ideas on how to host an eco-friendly wedding, we felt we may need to give a bit more eco-friendly wedding inspo! It CAN be easy to host an eco-friendly wedding, and to achieve your wedding dreams without hurting the environment. 

Below is our top 8 fav wedding inspo's to host a beautiful environmentally friendly wedding.

1.  You can make ADORABLE leaf confetti from real leaves. This means once it's thrown, it is biodegradable! 

credit: Wildflower Wedding Favours

credit: Wildflower Wedding Favours

2. Put your seating chart or place settings on little leaves. Not only is it adorable, but if people drop them anywhere and it's no biggie!

credit: The Wedding Scoop

credit: The Wedding Scoop

3. Send your guests away with a heart-shaped bird seed feeder. Making the bird seed stick together is a simple DIY and is safe for the birds. Giving these away as favours allows your guests to be more eco-friendly themselves.



4. Rather than getting a book for your guests to sign and using a ton of paper, use smooth rocks. Each guest can sign a rock with a small message. This idea is adorable and free!



5. This bamboo dinner setting gives you the elegant table setting of a wedding, while still being good to the environment. Not only are the plates and utensils made of bamboo, so is the napkin, which means it is all biodegradable. 



6.  Some weddings may have a bonfire outside for people who may wander out there or if they have activities outside and it may be chilly. Rather than holding a wood fire, try a fire glass fire. It results in no smoke, is odorless, doesn't produce ash, and gives off no toxic deposit. 

credit: buzzfeed

credit: buzzfeed

7.  Renting bridesmaid dresses results in reduction of textile waste. You can rent online from BridesMade for a cost-effective price!

8. Give each guest a mason jar for the night rather than using red solo cups! This way when good old Uncle Bill goes up for his eighth drink, he's using the same cup rather than using 8 different cups. Then, the guests can keep them as wedding favours as well.



There you have it. Hopefully we've convinced you to go more eco-friendly for your wedding! We live in a beautiful world, let's all help preserve it!

Happy planning,


When a #GirlBoss Plans a Wedding

A GirlBoss is a woman who is in complete control of her life. She knows her worth and won't accept anything less. She is empowering and inspiring. Basically, a GirlBoss kicks ass.

Most of the time, a GirlBoss can handle the stress of wedding planning, but there can be some disadvantages...

Here are some GirlBoss wedding planning situations, explained in gifs:

1. You're recently engaged and look at all the planning ahead like...

2.  You know your vision and want to implement it the way you see it....

3. People may say you're being a ~little~ bossy, but you know you've got everything covered...

4. A GirlBoss bride might hire a wedding planner because she's too busy...Or become the wedding planner herself...

5. As a GirlBoss bridesmaid, you've officially, unofficially, become the wedding planner. Leave everything to you because THIS is your s***!

6. A GirlBoss manages work, friends, family, the gym, eating well and everything in between. Add planning a wedding and she may look like this on the outside...

7. But on the inside...

8. Luckily, BridesMade can help you with beautiful, cost friendly bridesmaid dresses while providing a quick and efficient process. Let us help you get back to your superwoman, GirlBoss self and start feeling like this again...

9. When it comes to the big day, a #GirlBoss will be ready for the most epic wedding ever!

And there you have it, the process of a girl boss planning a wedding!