At BridesMade, our mission is to give you the dresses you dreamed of without worrying about the cost. Realistically, they'll only wear it once.

BridesMade was founded by Mallory McKewen, a Toronto based entrepreneur with her eye set on ways to improve the lives of twenty-somethings like herself. Upon graduating from the MBA program at Laurier she began working in Finance while exploring entrepreneurial pursuits on the side. 

With several dresses in her closet that she will never wear again, Mallory identified a pain point in the Canadian bridesmaid dress shopping landscape and set out to solve the problem. After validating the dress rental concept, BridesMade was accepted into the Launchpad accelerator program where the true value and scalability of this business was quickly identified.

In its launch, BridesMade blew all of the initial demand goals out of the water, and a strong teammate was quickly required. This led to a natural progression to bring in CMO, Kaleah Baker of Calgary, who brought with her a wide set of complimentary skills as well as an ability to more quickly expand the geographical presence to the west coast. 

Mallory and Kaleah had worked together extensively through their time in the MBA program having a history of success, with their win in the Canada-wide MBA Games Marketing Competition being a highlight.

This dynamic duo is dedicated to taking the stress out of your dress shopping experience; allowing you to choose the dress of your dreams without worrying about your bridesmaids' budgets or whether they'll wear it again. 

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